Dog Puzzles by PAW5

We live in a human’s world: we have big visual things like TV’s, complex problem solving in video games, and our food is served in a way that makes our life easier (like on plates and in bowls). But we at PAW5 try to think of things in the world of a dog, and design puzzles perfect for a doggy-world.

Dogs are avid problem solvers, but their favorite games are things like hide-and-seek: simple for us, but fun and challenging for them! Their sense of smell is so much better than their vision - dog’s truly see the world with their noses. Our dog puzzle toys and puzzle feeders are designed with this in mind - we make great products for dogs, and their snuffly, foraging, problem-solving mind!

  • Rock 'N Bowl
    Part bowl. Part puzzle. All dog.

    The perfect everyday puzzle feeder for your pup features our Simply Challenging™ design. Easy for you, and fun for them! Turn every meal into a game with the Rock ’N Bowl!
    Environmental Enrichment
  • Wooly
    The Official Snuffle Mat!

    Dogs live in a nosey world! Their vision is 6 times worse than humans, but their sense of smell is 40 times better than ours. We designed the Wooly Snuffle Mat to give your dog’s nose a fun adventure during feeding and treat time!
    PAW5 Wooly Snuffle Mat
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