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Sustainably-made Snuffle Mats and Puzzle Feeders
With every product we design, we start with best practices from the veterinary world, and bring them into your home using sustainable manufacturing. Our Rock ’N Bowl Puzzle Feeder and Wooly Snuffle Mat will keep your dog engaged, happy, and make mealtime a ton more fun.
Think Like a Dog
Imagine for a second what a dog might want in a dog bowl….if they could talk, of course. That’s what we try to do here at PAW5 - because dogs are unique and live in a world much different than ours - so designing human products adapted to dogs just isn’t good enough for us. We want to design puzzle feeders that might look weird to us people, but play right into what dogs love.

As Featured On

  • I’m happy to say that Tiki had a great time with the bowl, and we’re going to be using it for her twicedaily meals as we work to get her trim while, at the same time, helping her to enjoy her meal and slow down a bit. A big paws up for the Rock ‘N Bowl!

    Paris Parmenter,

  • It’s a dinner that’ll make your dog think! The environmentally friendly PAW5 Rock N’ Bowl is a foodie puzzle that drives your pooch’s need to search for their next meal.

    Amy Tokic,
    editor PetGuide

  • Rocco loves to attack this bowl, working for every last drop of food. And that's what it's all about.... giving your dog an entertaining, enriching experience at mealtime that enhances their overall wellbeing.

    Diane Silver,

  • Promises to put your pup's nose and brain to work…

    Amy Jamieson
    Senior Editor at People.com

Four From FiveTM

Four from FiveTM is our promise to enrich the lives of our pets, our employees, our community and our world.

We believe products and companies can (and should!) be a platform for positive change we want to see in the world. This means reducing our impact, giving back to the community, and making sure our puzzle feeder gives more than it takes.

Tread Lightly

Decisions surrounding our products and processes are made to ensure we support our community and have the smallest impact on the environment as possible.

Dog Snuffle Mat
Dog Rock N Bowl
Commit Fully

Doing business with integrity is inherent in who we are and how we want to live, both personally and professionally.

Design Smart

We are a team of entrepreneurs and designers that believe in creating products that truly enrich the life of your dog.

Dog Slow Bowl
Wooly Snuffle Mat
Give Actively

We aim to enrich the lives of the people and pets in our community and do so, in part, by actively donating our time and our products to support animals in need.


About us

PAW5 products combine mental stimulation and environmental enrichment to support the overall well being of dogs. By turning every day activities into rewarding challenges, PAW5 gives busy pet parents a simple way to engage their dogs mentally and physical every day. PAW5 is backed by research and grounded in sustainability, with a heart full of fun. Our ingenious products give dogs the opportunity to think, work and play—finding positive outlets for the energy and intelligence they possess without puzzling the humans who use them.
Our Mission

To become a model company in the pet industry for great products, uncompromising ethics, great company culture, and a leader in economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Our Core Values
are Sustainability, Integrity, and Thoughtful design. What this means in action is that we make sure our business has a positive impact on our community and environment. For instance, Wooly is made from pre-consumer textiles, so every snuffle mat we sell removes 2 pounds of textiles from ever reaching a landfill. Integrity means we hold ourselves to standards greater than what the pet industry requires. And thoughtful design means we’re going to make products perfect for canine behavior, but that would complement any home.
Our Vision

For every dog to have enriching experiences every day.

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